#1 Machine tools and Power tools for rental in Ha Noi

Rental equipment with super-speed procedures

we are #1 Providing machine and handheld equipment rental services with diverse machines such as wall drilling machines, concrete chisels, screwdrivers, tree saws, iron cutting, wall grinding, sanding, punching machines and others..

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- Machinery provided by the company are like new, imported complete units, stable and stable operation. Some of the brands we use are: Bosch drills, Hitachi concrete chisels, Maktec by Makita disc saws, and other reliable brands to ensure customer satisfaction when coming to our services. For rent equipment is www.chothuemaykhoan.com.

Our services:

  • Hammer drill for rental, concrete drill rental, core drill rental,
  • Jack hammer for rent (electric), and air fack hammer
  • Magnetic drill rental in Viet Nam
  • Groove for rental.
  • Angle grinder for rental, portable cut-off rental.
  • Tamping rammer for rental ==>click here
  • Drywall sander, circular saw for rental,
  • Chainsaw for rental,
  • And others.
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Need to find a place to rent power tools and equipments, please 0888.443.588 for us.

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Our services

Drilling machines for rent

We have a wide range of drilling machines such as hammer drills, battery drills, concrete drills with good quality, durable and strong.

Jack hammer for rent

Jack hammer is used to break concrete or walls quickly, it saves you time and money.

Drywall sander for rent

If you need to remove mold from the walls before painting your house, use a wall sander to do the job.

Cutting machine for rent

Cutting machines include: angle grinders, portable cut-off machine, miter saw, marble tile cutter. Please call us if you want to have

Tamping rammer for rent

A tamping rammer is a machine used to compact different types of soil in various construction scenarios. It exerts an impact on the soil surface to make it evenly flat and compact

2 disc and 5 disc grooving machine for rent in Viet Nam

Using a 2-blade or 5-blade wall grooving cutter reduces dust and is good for your health.

wall planer machine for rent

It helps to remove wall paint and smooth the wall.

Ceiling artifact all-in-one nail shooting for rent

This device reduces noise, increases efficiency, saves your time, and is clean.

Rental roller skids, cargo roller move

Our Machinery Mover equipment is available in large capacities, 6 tons, 8 tons, 12 tons and more. In addition, we also have 10 ton, 20 ton Hydraulic Jack with Claws to help you complete the job quickly.

Chain hoist for rent in Ha Noi

With machinery mover, the chain hoist is a equipment used to lift heavy objects to a required height. We have a variety of chain hoists for rent with almost new equipment.

Hydraulic Jack with Claws for rent

Hydraulic toe jacks are typical lifting equipment used to lift machinery, fabricated structures and general engineering applications. The toe jacks can lift from the head or claw/toe if room is limited

PPR Pipe Welder for rent

PPR welding machine also known as heat sealing, heat sealing machine and so on. PPR pipe butt suitable for heating. Existing fixed adjustable thermostat and thermostat two kinds.

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Portable electric punching machine for rent

portable electric punching machine to create holes in steel, its is usually used in mechanics. We rent portable electric punching machine to help you complete your work is easier.

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Welding machine for rent

A welding machine is a device used to join materials together. Welding machines produce heat that melts metal parts so that these parts can be joined. Thus, when it cools, it becomes a fixed and resistant joint. Contact now.

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Aerial working platform for rent

An aerial work platform (AWP), also known as an aerial device, elevating work platform (EWP), cherry picker, bucket truck or mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height.

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Winch machine rental viet nam

If you need to use a winch to lift heavy objects, use our winch rental service to meet your requirements in the fastest and most reputable way.

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